Data is king! This admission also applies to healthcare, as there is a growing need to integrate patient-generated health data into operational health information systems. It was certain that ASCAPE would put an effort into that area as well.

ASCAPE at JIS Go Live 2022Actually, researchers from Fundació Clínic per a la Recerca Biomèdica and FundiSYS presented their findings at "Jornadas de Informática en Salud 2022" (or in English “Health Informatics Sessions 2022”). This is a health informatics annual event that has been held in Argentina since 2003 to promote research and innovation activities, share knowledge, and sharing lessons learned among doctors, nurses, health professionals, computer scientists, engineers, advanced students, health administrators, decision-makers, CIOs, paramedics, biochemists, and all those people interested in Information Systems for Health, both from Argentina as well as Latin America and the world.

From ASCAPE side, Santiago Frid from FCRB gave a virtual presentation in Argentina Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022, with the title "Integration of EN/ISO 13606 standardized extracts from a patient mobile app into an electronic health record" during a special session called “Interoperability and Standards”. During the presentation, Santiago tried to explain how within ASCAPE they designed and implemented a methodology to allow the integration of data coming from different sources (in our case from a mobile app) into a Health Informatics System for them to be used in the healthcare provision or for research activities, without losing the meaning of the information.

The presentation was followed by a discussion around interoperability and standards, where participants agreed that for digital tools to be successful it is necessary to apply good medical informatics practices during the architecture process and at the same time adhere to a human-centered design that facilitates intuitive use the app on as many devices as possible.

The specific work in the context of ASCAPE was also presented as a scientific publication cied as “Frid, S., Expósito, M. A. F., Grau-Corral, I., Amat-Fernandez, C., Mateu, M. M., Duran, X. P., & Lozano-Rubí, R. (2022). Successful Integration of EN/ISO 13606–Standardized Extracts From a Patient Mobile App Into an Electronic Health Record: Description of a Methodology. JMIR Medical Informatics, 10(10), e40344".